I strongly believe relationships get better with time, the more you know and understand each other the stronger the bond!
Some relationships start off weird, cold and just plain awkward! You don’t really know each other, some things they do might bother and irritate us, etc, etc. But the more we get to know each other and grow closer, it becomes a bond. Of course, they are cases that it will not get better because the person is NOT at all right for you,
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Do kids see us as mean moms because we put our foot down? YES!
I have learned that the more you want to be a cool as cucumber, not raising voice, patient kind of mom you end up on a different path = to MEAN MOM!
Kids consider you mean when you lose your cool and ground their ass! Or slap them across the head with a shoe, but hey they drive us to that insanity!
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shushSome people say and ask stupid things daily, it’s funny but it’s still stupid!
If you analyze these things you realize how dumb they really are! Like this for example: 

  1. People ask, Are you in line? After they apparently see you making the dam line, DUH dumb ass!
  2. When someone sees you out somewhere, they ask “What are you doing here?”, DUH idiot same thing you are, eating in the restaurant!

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It is human nature, but why do we do it?
We always tend to compare ourselves and our lives to others, even though someone might be in a better place than the other, they still tend to compare and compete, it is crazy!
What we might not be happy with others might want, like the girl who has curly hair but wants straight hair, while the straight hair girl wants curly, Ughhh! It’s insane!
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Alcohol is not completely bad for you as they say, indulging in a cocktail or two has its up side!
Drinking benefits many things in your health! Avoid listening to the square goody-goody telling you its bad for you!
Here’s how to shut them up with real facts:

  1. It can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, it prevents blood clots and blocked arteries in the heart! (Bottoms up!)
  2. Reduces risk of death by 18% (Hey,

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Of course kids don’t want or like to share, it’s a natural instinct to be selfish, but not all the time is OK, kids need to learn that from time to time or more than usual they need to share with others!
Kids can be complicated species of the world! But we must teach them right! Or at least try!
These kids embarrass the hell out of us and make us look like bad parents!
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There is no perfect way to control a break-up or what you feel! But here are some of the most common crazy-funny things women do right after they end a relationship!

  1. Drastic hair change or cut off all their hair and dye it a different color! (Somehow we want change!)
  2. Go out on a wild girls night out and get crazy drunk, and maybe make-out with a perfect stranger! (Letting loose de-stresses the soul!)
  3. Stalk your ex around town to see what their up to.

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Typically when a couple hits Splitsville, they tend to stay thirsty to settle the score, thirsty with revenge!
Not all relationships end well, and even still we always want to rub it in our exes face, how better off we are without them!
It’s weakness of the flesh to want to get back at them for hurting us! So we avenge!
Here are some ways how:

  1. Show off your new fling/bf,

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Why is this journey so dam difficult?
Eating healthy might be trendy but hard AF!
And if you have children it’s even harder! Ughhh!
Well I am sure we all have tried all the different diets and healthy trends out there, but f*** why is it so annoying!
Every single time we start a diet we get sidetracked by:

  1. Delicious treats that others bring to work
  2. Yummy left overs your kids leave behind
  3. A night of alcohol drinking can make you so hungry
  4. The skinny bitch next you eating a scrumptious slice of pizza (oohhh)
  5. Irresistible late night food commercials
  6. Kid or any other party with yummy floating snacks everywhere
  7. Selling chocolates for school fundraiser (gets us all the time)

In order to stick to a diet or even a lifestyle change you have to be real committed and dedicated to it,
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Let’s face it, parents will always lie! But there are some things they never reveal and keep a lie, why?
Here are some of them:

  1. Eat it, it tastes good and its good for you. (Without even knowing if it is)
  2. Of course we were married before you were born. (Bull****! Till this day they will not admit it)
  3. You can do it if you really try. (They know there is a 50/50 chance you might not)
  4. Yes,

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