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Typically when a couple hits Splitsville, they tend to stay thirsty to settle the score, thirsty with revenge!

Not all relationships end well, and even still we always want to rub it in our exes face, how better off we are without them!
It’s weakness of the flesh to want to get back at them for hurting us! So we avenge!
Here are some ways how:
  1. Show off your new fling/bf, exes hate to see you moving on after them!
  2. Date or sleep with one of his friends, if he cheated on you, get back at them in a salty way!
  3. Flaunt pics of you in gym with an awesome revenge break-up body!
  4. Prank him by posting his pic on a gay dating website, LOL!
  5. Send a fake text by saying, I miss you or had fun last night, then type: “Oh sorry, wrong text!”
  6. Post pics on social media of you traveling, going out, having the time of your life! (even if you have to make it up) 😉
  7. Bad rep him! By posting on social media what a douche he his and how he cheated on you or treated you bad! Genius!
  8. Befriend his mom or sister and hang around his house or hang-out spots to irritate him or his new love! HAHA.
  9. Do that wild adventurous thing you guys always talked about doing together and show him!
  10. Write a book about what an ass he was to you and publish it!


Breaking up is hard work, it’s working hard to show your ex how good you are without them!






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