Is your child acting up in car?

The ScreamWays to entertain or calm your child in your car drive home, school, etc!

Kids can get bored or fidgety while stuck in traffic or long drives, if he/she starts acting up try this:

  1. Ask him what song he wants to hear and play his favorite tunes
  2. Play a car game, like a guessing game of I spy with my eye, and have them guess what color or object you are looking at
  3. Tell him an interesting story that will grab his attention, maybe a superhero in the city, blah blah blah (kids love excitement and adventure)
  4. Engage in any conversation like: What would you like for your birthday, Christmas, or what movie to watch when we get home?
  5. Have some snacks handy to offer, like cheese crackers, lollipops, fruits, etc.
  6. Basically anything that can grab his attention for a short while till he calms down or you get home. ( I usually go with make-believe characters and pretend play like “I spy with my little eye”. That entertains them longer)
  7. Have an IPAD or electronic toy for him to read or play games with

Hope one of these tips works for you, good luck!


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