Cool gift ideas under $20


We all need gift ideas for the holidays, but gift ideas under $20 are even cooler!

Here are some:

  1. Candles- everyone loves candles for their home, for less than $20 you can a great candle or even 2!

  2. Gift cards- who doesn’t love a gift card to a store, a $20 gift card is a cool gift!

  3. Wine- another winner! For wine lovers, you can get  a nice bottle of wine or two for that price!

  4. Body lotion and sprays- for $20 you can buy a set of body lotion and spray, it’s cute and practical

  5. Chocolates- Yumm! for that price you can get a really fancy chocolate box or set as a gift….

  6. Phone covers- for $20 they are some pretty cool phone covers to give as a gift, everyone has phone covers!

  7. Books- for book lovers and readers, $20 can buy you a nice book or two as well…

  8. Make-up- for $20 you can guy some cute lipsticks, glosses, or blush…..

  9. Clothing- anything from a tie to socks to stylish t-shirts, belts. etc. for $20 you can get good deals…

  10. Headphones- these are awesome and we all use them, and at a reasonable price you can get good ones too…

There are many cool things to get for $20 and under, around the holidays they are usually decent deals at the stores….

Happy Holidays!!!