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It is human nature, but why do we do it?

We always tend to compare ourselves and our lives to others, even though someone might be in a better place than the other, they still tend to compare and compete, it is crazy!
What we might not be happy with others might want, like the girl who has curly hair but wants straight hair, while the straight hair girl wants curly, Ughhh! It’s insane!
Why are humans so comparative and not content with what they have? It’s a funny question we all ask, but it’s true. “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure”.
Human beings are quite difficult, I know! I am one, or at least I think I am one. Being a person is hard work, we have to live up to certain expectations in life, careers, family, etc.
Maybe animals have it easier in that aspect, WE have to many expectations to meet, some people just get frustrated and quit, would that be better? Nahh!
Men as well as women are constantly comparing their looks and lives to others, others like friends, family, co workers or even celebrities. I am sure we have all thought, “I wish I had that body, that health, that family, that career, etc, etc, etc! We all do it, are we greedy? are we selfish? Whatever it is, it sucks! We need to stop trying to live up to the social status and just be happy and content with our lives and current status, not that there is anything wrong with wanting to better yourself but doing it because it really makes you happy, not just because the neighbor has it. Being really happy and satisfied with yourself and life its whats important!
Its like when we say, “Wow look how nice their backyard is, their house is nicer and bigger than mines”, but then you say, “Yeah but our family is more united and loving than theirs, we can live anywhere and be happy together.” Those are the things to focus on, what really matters!
Remember, not always what you find good and positive in others is good for them, they might be wanting what you have. In life we can’t all be the same, that’s the beauty of it!  The grass usually is not greener on the other side!

Be happy with what you have, and make the best of it, that is what true happiness is about! Enjoy what has been given to you!






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