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Alcohol is not completely bad for you as they say, indulging in a cocktail or two has its up side!

Drinking benefits many things in your health! Avoid listening to the square goody-goody telling you its bad for you!

Here’s how to shut them up with real facts:
  1. It can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, it prevents blood clots and blocked arteries in the heart! (Bottoms up!)
  2. Reduces risk of death by 18% (Hey, any percentage is good enough for me, shot please!)
  3. It can enhance your libido! (Have a drink and let’s tango!)
  4. It decreases your risk for heart disease (Mainly red wine! Good, I won’t be dying anytime soon!)
  5. It helps prevent common colds (Mostly the antioxidants in wine) (I’m down for this!)
  6. It also reduces the risk of gallstones! (Pour me one!)
  7. Lower chances for diabetes, more than people who do not drink at all (Did I say one? Pour me two!)
  8. It relaxes you and prevents stress as well as going psycho on someone! (Bartender please!)
  9. It can soothe a sore throat and prevent a throat infection! (I can gargle some rum!)
  10. Tequila and wine can burn fat in the body! (I need a winuila!) This could work!

Alcohol has its rewards, but everything in moderation of course!

Remember: “Anything of too much can kill you!”




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