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Of course kids don’t want or like to share, it’s a natural instinct to be selfish, but not all the time is OK, kids need to learn that from time to time or more than usual they need to share with others!

Kids can be complicated species of the world! But we must teach them right! Or at least try!
These kids embarrass the hell out of us and make us look like bad parents! Hey, let’s face it, when you see a kid being a pest and not sharing you tend to look and judge the parents!
Kids can be big jerks, kids get moody and cranky as well as obsessive with their favorite or new toys, we have to learn to understand their mood and work around them, for example: If your kid doesn’t want to share his snacks with his siblings, simply tell him, “You don’t have to share but your brothers would appreciate it if you did”. That statement right there makes them realize that they are not doing the right thing and makes them act kind on their own. And if they still don’t share they are just plain assholes!
Never force a kid to share, it will make it worst, just turn the situation around on them and make them do it on their own, without yelling or arguing. Let’s be honest they don’t have to share ALL the time, there are times when it is OK not to share, like when they are really concentrated on an activity and some annoying kid yells, “my turn, my turn!” (Back off kid, can’t you see my son is engaged in this!) LOL.. Or when they are really enjoying their last bite of that delicious creamy cupcake, and someone asks for a piece! Ughhh! Not today!

Sharing is a kind and generous act, it is NOT mandatory! Some kids have to learn and accept that they can’t have everything they want right when they want it, that goes for adults too!




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