Mommy Relax Time

Have a hand massage...

hand-massageHave you ever indulged in a simple hand massage? You might think, how can that relax me?

Oh well try it! Something about the gentle movement strokes in your hands releases all stress and tension. You don't have to spend money or go to a professional if you don't want to, have someone at home do it for you with some essential oils or cream.

Make sure you spend at least 10 minutes with each hand to totally  focus on pressure points and release all tension.

Below is a link with instructions for dummies! LOL

Enjoy ♦


How to relax after a crazy/tense day....


My idea of relaxing after a tiring day consists of......

  1. Having some wine, champagne or a nice cocktail of your choice, just to wine down and really get in chill mood
  2. Draw a nice hot bath, maybe throw some scented flower petals in or a fizzy bath bomb, candles, soft music, anything that will relax you
  3. Curl up with a good book or a thriller movie to escape reality for a little
  4. Swimming (if you have access to a pool), something about water completely relaxes me
  5. Massage, a nice de-stressing rub down can always make me disconnect and vulnerable
  6. Or something as simple as lighting some candles, dimming lights, and playing some Jazz or soft music to help your mind unwind...

Many times we are over-stressed and too busy with daily life that we forget to stop and rest and relax ourselves, as much as we may want to be robots and carry out lots of things in one day we cannot!

So Stop! Sit! and choose your best way to wind down and have some "ME" time to loosen up....