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How to correct your child's bad behavior....


Are We Doing Something Wrong That Our Kids Are Misbehaving? But What? How Do We Correct This?

I am still trying to figure it out!! But there are a couple of ways and ideas to help keep these crispy critters calm and well-behaved!
First if they are small like 1-5 years old the time out and removing him from play and fun time will still work and have affect on them, if they are older that might not work out!
For the older kids the best way to handle them is to simply remove something that they love to do, no yelling or spanking is involved, that might aggravate them more, when children see a parent react calmly to a bad situation they tend to fear you more. If they love their iPads, Xbox, video games, cell phone, toys, etc.. Anything they currently enjoy, take it away from them for a whole day or depending on the severity of the issue, take it away for a longer time. That way of discipline works good for the pre-teen years of rebellion.
I have done it all, yelling, screaming, threatening, tossing them things (lol), when you are mad shit happens! They will get scared at the moment and then forget and do it all over again!     I have learned that by being calm, serious yet affirmative you get better results! All kids and personalities are different of course, but when something they enjoy is removed from them for bad behavior they might think twice next time before acting on the same conduct.
Patience is also key, we all get stressed and lose our heads over our kids and their performance, but we have to go back in time and get in their shoes to see how they feel, what would you have done at that age? Kids go through stages good ones and bad ones, and we parents have to go through them as well. Just being there for them and helping them, talking to them about consequences and reality might help them understand life a little better.
So if you have a crazy little critter at home or a big rebellious critter, stop, relax and think what way is the best way to handle the current situation and what steps to take to correct it before losing your head and cool!
A funny tip to use is: When kids are acting up and misbehaving is to stop and look at them in the eye and say, “Ok, you want to behave this way? Go ahead, act crazy, behave bad, go wild, I don’t care anymore! It’s your actions that will affect you not me”! You will be amazed how this shock therapy will make them think again, like huh? what? It’s reverse psychology my friends!
Something has to work right? 
  1. Time outs/time away from play time
  2. Taking away games, toys, pleasures,etc.
  3. Shock therapy
  4. Last option: Threaten to give them away! (LOL)


Funny Tips to live by....


Is your child acting up in car?

The ScreamWays to entertain or calm your child in your car drive home, school, etc!

Kids can get bored or fidgety while stuck in traffic or long drives, if he/she starts acting up try this:

  1. Ask him what song he wants to hear and play his favorite tunes
  2. Play a car game, like a guessing game of I spy with my eye, and have them guess what color or object you are looking at
  3. Tell him an interesting story that will grab his attention, maybe a superhero in the city, blah blah blah (kids love excitement and adventure)
  4. Engage in any conversation like: What would you like for your birthday, Christmas, or what movie to watch when we get home?
  5. Have some snacks handy to offer, like cheese crackers, lollipops, fruits, etc.
  6. Basically anything that can grab his attention for a short while till he calms down or you get home. ( I usually go with make-believe characters and pretend play like “I spy with my little eye”. That entertains them longer)
  7. Have an IPAD or electronic toy for him to read or play games with

Hope one of these tips works for you, good luck!