punching.friendDo you have a friend, co-worker, or family member that is always on your case about everything? I’m sure you do! Guess what? Back off bitches! They need to worry and fix their own bad habits! Dam it!
There is always that darn friend looking and spying on everything that you do, they get a thrill to catch you in every move and put you on the spot! Ughhh! Enough! I have seen this many times before,
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cheatingCheating is definitely a sensitive and delicate subject for all, but it could happen to anyone in a relationship, and the big question always is?
Will you forgive and stay or blame and walk away?
It is a tough one and of course it also depends on the entire situation and the principle behind it. There is always that doubt and uncertainty, Why me? Why us? What now?
There are many reasons why couples cheat,
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We all have done this as a kid or our kid has done it, I guess it’s normal to go through it, but it’s still dam disgusting:
Here are some of the nasty things these rascals do:

  1. Pick their noses, then sometimes eat it, Ughhh!
  2. Put their fingers in their poopy diaper and/or play with it! The worst!
  3. Slurp from water fountains probably infested with millions of germs!

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break.up.111We all go through break-ups! But do we all deal with them gracefully?
Here are some ways to get over a break-up in a pretty decent way:

  1. Keep your distance, after a break-up people need their space to cope or move on, don’t hover, it will make things worst.
  2. Clean up! Break-ups signify new beginnings, so throw out the old to make space for the new.
  3. Put or throw away reminders and memories that will trigger thinking about that person,

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How to put an argument to bed! (literally in bed)
Like every relationship sometimes we argue and can’t seem to end the squabble, here’s some ways we can put any feud to rest:

  1. Admit when you are wrong and take responsibility for your actions (when you are honest things resolve better), own up your part!
  2. Provide a solution instead of continuing to fight about it, give closure to the dilemma,

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teen.picI don’t know WTF I’m doing!! Mom help!!!!!!
There are many things we actually believed as a teen, and as we grew older we realized how wrong we were….LOL
Looking back and laughing at our crazy ideas and thoughts makes us realize how immature we really were and how scared we should be for our kids now who might do the same!!??!!
These are the things we truly believed as a young adult:

  1. I will stop getting zits when I’m over my teen years,

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Is YouTube to blame for our kids erratic behavior? Do kids watch and learn way too much on YouTube?
The internet is every kids favorite pastime, they play games, listen to music, watch shows, movies, comedy etc. You name it, it’s on the internet and YouTube!
Sometimes it is scary to see what they watch and listen to on these channels, they can learn many harsh things watching the wrong media. The world is tough and we have to be tougher!
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PENELOPE, from left: Natalie Wood, Ian Bannen, 1966 Published Credit: Everett Collection

Face it, we all get comfortable at some point and our sleep wear starts going from sexy to frumpy!
Even though you have been married for X amount of years, our husbands and partners still like to see us cute and fresh at bed-time.
What NOT to wear to bed with your loved one:

  1. Old faded t-shirt with wholes or rips! Big NO-NO! This is unflattering and not acceptable.
  2. Childhood pajamas!

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control-angerWe all get angry, but how to control it, is key!!
In life we have issues like every one else, we have good days and we have bad days, but we must learn how to cope and deal with our anger before it escalates to a bigger issue. We have to stop, think and breathe before we let our anger take the best of us….
Things we can do when we feel that anger feeling coming upon us:

  1. Take 5 and take a deep breath before you act in rage….

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pet.peeveDo you have any?
Ughhh! Liars, nose-pickers, loudness, slow drivers, messiness, coughing, popping gum, or just plain annoying! There are many things that people do that irritate the ones around you! The list will never end!
Whats is your main pet peeve? We all have some…..while some have a lot. I personally hate when I am speaking to someone (alone) and someone else just walks and barges right into the conversation and states their opinion (without anyone asking for it),
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