Parenting & Daily Life

React or Respond

Do we sometimes react to our children's behavior instead of responding and assisting them? We all do it so don't freak out, read this guide and try to remember to respond like this, LOL.


Daily Routines help life be much easier!


  1. Set up what your day will look like, including tasks, appointments, errands, etc. (Make notes and reminders on your phone to help you stay organized)

  2. Plan the night before what you will be making for lunch and  dinner, it is easier and you don't have to go crazy over what to make in a rush.

  3. Have your morning routine ready: breakfast, clothes ready, lunches packed, book bags by door, coffee brewing! I always set up the night before to make sure my morning is a breeze.

  4. After school routine ready: Snacks, homework, chores, playing, sports, TV, pet duties. Make sure when your kids gets home he/she knows what they have to do before dinner and bedtime.

  5. Night routine ready: Dinner, shower, teeth clean, reading stories, family time, etc. Always have your kids know what the night consists of so they can go to bed early and get a goodnight's rest.

  6. Parent time routine: Make some time for you and your partner to relax, watch TV, wine and cheese time, rest and plan again for the next day!

In life we must have some type of routine to follow, it is healthy for the kids and for parents to stay on task without the chaos!