Parenting Motto….

parenting.2Parenting can be very difficult and complex many times…..

Being a parent is hard work and apparently not for everyone, some people cannot handle the responsibility that comes with parenting!

It is a full-time job, full-time meaning forever and ever! Even when kids grow up, we are still helping and worrying! Little kids little problems, big kids big problems! (that’s a saying I have heard) LOL.

Us as parents have to channel our children in the right direction! We have to take their personalities and characteristics to shape them and bring out the best in them! Teach them love, trust, respect and kindness, so they are good human beings!

Spend time with them, play with them, let them know you love them, and always be there for them!

Children depend on us, we are their caretakers in this world! We have to gear up with energy and strength for them!

I know we get stressed and exhausted with daily parenting but we must go on and be positive. They are blessings and mini pieces of us, we can change what we did not do in life through them, we can learn through them, we can grow with them!

So always find ways to engage with your child and connect with them more, we must enjoy them at the moment the most we can before they grow up and become more independent!

Be happy being a parent and embrace yourself and your loved ones, Parenthood is a wonderful thing!

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