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I strongly believe relationships get better with time, the more you know and understand each other the stronger the bond!

Some relationships start off weird, cold and just plain awkward! You don’t really know each other, some things they do might bother and irritate us, etc, etc. But the more we get to know each other and grow closer, it becomes a bond. Of course, they are cases that it will not get better because the person is NOT at all right for you, then you could end it!
I personally have experienced a beginning of a relationship to be tumultuous, arguing over jealousy and exes, pet peeves, careers, money, oh the list can go on and on, but if you know the relationship has potential and there is a bond and love you should give it a chance before giving up, because some things do get better with time, like wine, love and sex!
When you spend months and years of your life with someone you tend to understand them better, see their points of view, you know where they are coming from, it’s like if you learn to understand their thoughts, what they mean, what they want, and how they truly are. People’s characteristics are hard to get from the start, sometimes it can take years for you to really understand someone and their personality. The human race is very difficult but great at the same time, it is just like a skill, like when you finally learn how to skate, dance or cook, then you get better and better at it, so with relationships is the same thing, once you learn the dynamics you get better at it!
Being in a long-term relationship is hard these days, because people simply give up! They don’t understand the relationship and don’t want to, they see the BAD without appraising the GOOD! Sometimes in people the good over weighs the bad, we all have a little bad in us, its human nature! It’s easy to give up then to try to achieve that great, strong bond everyone wants!
I personally have learned that my relationship with my husband has gotten better now with time then it was back then, now we understand each other and he gets me and I get him, we don’t always agree, hey sometimes we barely agree, but we get each other and we know how and why! I know how to go around him and he kinda knows now (still learning) how to go around me! It’s fun because we keep learning new things about each other and our bond gets stronger!
Moral of the story is: Yes! Some relationships do get better with time, they get deeper and more intimate as time teaches us our true purpose together!
If you really love someone and you feel they love you, try and give it time to blossom, don’t give up on love so fast!


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One thought on “Do relationships get better with time?

  1. This is so true. I love this. Sometimes people don’t appreciate the good in things and only focus on the negative aspects when in a relationship. Time will be the key, whether it creates a stronger bond or it ends things. Loved this post. Good work, Barbie

    Posted on April 27, 2017 at 7:35 pm